Father Leonard Herrem

Fr Leonard Herrem grew up in a Lutheran home where the Christian faith was a central part of life. He had then and still has a strong sense of curiosity. Curiosity is an inherent part of Fr. Leonard’s nature.

While studying at the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Saskatoon Saskatchewan, he and several of his good friends encountered Orthodox faithful from an English language Orthodox Parish. While asking questions about some theological issues that were not answered in a satisfactory manner anywhere, the parish priest, Fr Orest Olekshy, said, “That we do not know. This is a mystery. And do not stop asking questions.” Fr. Leonard became Orthodox and joined this parish, Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church, in 1976.

He married his wife Chrystal, who is also from a Lutheran background in 1983. They have three adult children.

After owning and operating a print shop, in his early 40’s, Fr. Leonard completed a degree in Social Work and developed a private practice in Marriage and Family therapy.

In 2009 he was ordained to the Holy Deaconate and was perfectly content to be a lifelong Deacon. However, the Bishop had other plans and he was ordained to the Holy Priesthood in 2013. He has been the full time Rector of Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church in Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada since 2016.

He continues to be a therapist with a small practice. He is also trained to facilitate Clergy Peer Learning Groups (Thriving in Ministry) and facilitates these groups for clergy in the OCA.

Father Cyprian (Robert) Hutcheon (attached) retired

More information on Fr. Hutcheon can be found on the Canadian Orthodox History Project.

Deacon Maximus Ferguson

Deacon Max was raised by Christian parents in a farming community at Star City, Saskatchewan.

In 1977, Max graduated with a Diploma in Theology from Central Pentecostal College in Saskatoon and he completed a B. ED. Degree at the University of Saskatchewan in 1986.

He was received, along with his wife and their children, into the Orthodox Church in 1987 and on June 2, 2018 Max was ordained to the Holy Deaconate at Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church in Saskatoon.

He resides in Vanscoy with his wife, Betty. They have four children, a daughter and three sons, eight grandchildren and one great-grandchild.